The high taste of appreciating the aspects of creativity and beauty

“Roomz” by Almutlaq…“friend for life”

Press Release

Riyadh, February 18, 2015

People love remembering the past, which transports them to positive memories that have left a desirable impression on their lives. Perhaps “a piece of furniture,” can be one of these impressions that tell the story of a family including their memories of happiness, sadness, success and failure. The piece of furniture that is made to travel to a family home on a lifelong journey is not just a forgotten piece of wood sitting in the corner, but a friend for life. Since 1954, this is what Almutlaq Holding has been characterized by towards Saudi families when it comes to the timelessness of their pieces.


Creativity creates our happiness

Roomz furniture, one of Almutlaq Holding’s companies, has made our homes a beautiful and pleasant place with its creative pieces that range from a child’s room that will grow with him to bedrooms and living rooms that create an atmosphere of harmony and positive energy.

In the different stages of our lives we are in need of cheerful and bright colors; because they have the ability to give us feelings of joy and optimism. Educators and design experts confirm that colors represent an important aspect in people’s lives, from childhood through growing stages, and have a significant effect in attracting children’s attention and giving them happiness. From here Almutlaq Holding’s furnishings adapted this concept that brings us the colors of our rooms, and shows how our preferences of certain colors over others reflect our feelings and personality.


A story passed down from generations

As children, many of us have accompanied our parents as they bought a piece of furniture for their home whether it was looking for something new, trying to create change, or just to break the routine. Such trips create a nostalgic impression in our minds whenever we see that piece of furniture. It also creates the desire to stop, enter, and see everything new at that place that left a positive impression on children through their families. These experiences teach them indirectly how to make the right decisions in the future. Some parents do this without noticing, but when they see a certain piece of furniture in their son’s home; they realize the positive effect such experiences have.

With every day that passes, we will feel the impact of the brand that has marked a piece of furniture that has become a part of a corner or space in our home. Such a piece becomes difficult to abandon after it has proven its ability to withstand years of wear and tear and store our memories in its drawers, between its shelves, or even on its wood. In short, you and your children will return to this same brand and will buy a similar piece, if not the same exact one, because this is what we do when we discover the meaning of “friend for life.”

Today, “Roomz” accompanies us in our lives and our future. We grow up and grow old but it remains a loyal companion to our children. This is due to the value the furniture provides in terms of its sophistication, high quality, and ability to survive many years. It can be passed down to generations where they will ask where “Roomz” showroom is; where people with high taste can appreciate creativity and beauty.