Roomz educates women on the effects of interior design

Press release

Riyadh, April 16, 2015:

Roomz, the pioneer brand in home furniture and one of Al Mutlaq Holding’s companies, has held “Basics of Interior Design” seminar at Roomz showroom in Riyadh, in collaboration with Mrs. Renad Al Sekait, a lecturer in the interior design college at Prince Sultan University. Journalists, bloggers, along with women interested in interior design were in attendance.

The goal of the seminar was to raise awareness about the importance of sensory in design and visual harmony in every home. During the seminar, Mrs. Renad discussed the basic elements of interior design focusing on space, form, line, texture, as well as the relationship of color with design and the effect it can have. The seminar also focused on concepts that many non-design professionals might not know about such as “sensory perception,” “ordering system,” “spatial illusion,” as well as “complimentary accessories.” Mrs. Renad was able to simplify these concepts which led to the audience’s interaction and admiration.

“The impact of interior design extends to the physical, spiritual, and social needs of people.” Said Mrs. Renad. “The types of furniture and colors used in a home have a strong influence on our behavior and mood. So when choosing colors we should think about how the color makes us feel rather than how well it suits a room. Due to this, I always recommend using the help of a design professional, or a specialized showroom such as Roomz.”

Mr. Fahad Al Mutlaq, ceo of Al Mutlaq Holding, spoke about the importance of such seminars for women in Saudi Arabia saying: “In our society, women are the main decision makers in decorating their homes and choosing furniture. they often turn to catalogs, the web, or even friends and family for inspiration. Due to this, Roomz organized this seminar to educate women about the basics of interior design and share new and innovative concepts in this field.” He also added: “We thank Mrs. Renad Al Sekait on her cooperation on this seminar, and we plan to provide such seminars again in the near future.”